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This will be the most awesome automation tool you will ever use!

Zapier is a website that helps different apps talk to each other and work together. ⚡️ It's like when you have two fun toys, but when you put them together, they create something even better! Zapier can make your work easier and faster by doing things for you automatically.  It's like having a robot assistant that helps you with your work. 


example zaps:


When a guest books on your Calendly ➡ send yourself a text with the booking details ➡ then send her a thank you confirmation text ➡ then start the coaching campaign leading up to the day of the appointment. 



When a guest completes a Google Form ➡ send yourself a text with the form's answers ➡ then send her a thank you text ➡ then start a drip campaign to follow up on the next steps ➡ then send the answers to the guest's consultant. 



When a new consultant signs ➡ send yourself a text with the details ➡ then send her a welcome text to book her for new consultant training ➡ then start the drip campaign for a welcome training series ➡ then send a welcome email series.


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